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Soundproofing twin/townhouse?
« on: May 22, 2003, 03:22:35 AM »
Just wondering what the best solution to soundproof the common walls in a rented twin/townhouse is...

Money's not an object, and permanence is not an issue either, since I'd rather just eat the security deposit at the end of the lease rather than hear the neighbors complain for the duration of the lease....I just don't have any home improvement experience, so the easier the better.

I was thinking if there was something I could line the common walls with, that would be great....and even in the rooms that don't share common walls, anything that can be adhered or whatever to the doors/walls to dampen the sound....i'm a DJ, i have a full-blown studio, i've got a HUGE tv and surround sound system in the living room, loud friends, and the wife and i aren't exactly the 'quiet' i've got lots of noise issues, but am looking for suggestions on how best to quell them with minimal effort...

Sorry i can't be of more assistance with actual property information, but i don't have a property yet, the move is still five weeks away, but every property i've looked at so far i've thought about the same issues with the common wall stuff....thanks in advance!


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Re: Soundproofing twin/townhouse?
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2003, 03:36:13 AM »
Looking through your products, I was thinking maybe lining each wall with either the 1 foot squares of 3/8" MLV and then maybe covering it with some of the super soundproofing mat?  Would that work to reduce the insane amount of noise that comes from my rooms?   Or maybe the lead metal sheeting?  These solutions seem easy enough to put up and HEAVY....thanks again for any help!


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Re: Soundproofing twin/townhouse?
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2003, 06:15:44 PM »

You have the right idea with the 3/8" squares, but it might be easier to staple up a layer of the SSP flooring (showroom name only) it is used extensively on walls and ceilings as well as floors. This is a 1/8" thick mass loaded vinyl mat (MLV) that would staple directly to your existing drywall. You would then caulk the seams and also around the perimeter of the MLV with an acoustical caulk, and then we would recommend layering that over with a layer of 5/8" sheet rock. You'd then simply tape mud and paint the rock as usual, and you would be finished.
This MLV is a blocking material, and would help greatly to reduce the  sound transmission from your unit  to the neighbors.
Chris, there are other methods that can be employed to soundproof your condo or townhouse but they are more extensive, and labor intensive. As soon as you are in your new place, shoot me an e-mail with detailed information on the walls that need to be soundproofed, and we will get you on the road to being a quiet neighbor.
Thanks for the post.

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