Author Topic: Will this work for home theater?  (Read 3706 times)

Jason Kelm

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Will this work for home theater?
« on: May 25, 2003, 06:47:16 AM »
Im moving into an apartment. I'm upstairs and the room this stereo and whatnot will be in is either carpeted with a wood floor underneath or just a wood floor (whichever I get). For the room with carpet, would it be practical and silent to place a sheet of lead underneath the carpet and the neoprene pads under the speakers so i dont disturb the neighbors underneath? And what would you suggest for the wooden floored room, so the room doesn't look like a padded cell?


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Re: Will this work for home theater?
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If you have a choice, I would opt for the apartment with the carpeted floor. Now the neoprene vibration pads would be a great idea for the speakers no matter which apartment you choose. As for the lead under the carpet, that would work fine, but a more economical solution would be to use the SSP floormat (with the foam backing) beneath your carpet and pad. This material was designed for under carpet use, and is an excellent soundproofer. You can find this product listed on our prices page under Barrier Silencer Floormat.
Thanks for the post Jason, and please call if you need further information or want to order materials.

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