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noise comming through huge gap in floor
« on: September 13, 2005, 04:06:11 PM »
I hear everything my downstairs neighbors do and say and can feel it when they slam their kitchen cabnets.  And when they are in the dinning room/ kitchen where there are exposed brick walls I can actually participate in their conversations!

I heard that sound often penetrates through gaps between the wall and floor, and I thought that might be my problem.  So I pulled up the floor molding that runs along the brick wall and discovered a 2" gap where the wood floor ends and the brick wall begins.  I've notice the noise is even louder now that the molding has been pulled away.

I'm looking for a solution to block the noise seeping through this gap.  I've thought about using the spray foam insulation because it will fill every nook and cranny.  But I've been warned that if there is no air space that the foam will act as a bridge for the noise making it even worse.

So what do I do?