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Tony Anderson

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Central Vac Noise
« on: June 14, 2003, 02:11:44 PM »
We just built a house and the central vacuum system is in an unfinished room adjacent to my home office.  When my wife vacuums, I have a real problem hearing on the phone.  There is a door from my office into the room.  Will it be sufficient to replace the door with a solid core door, and finish the other side of the wall with sheetrock and resilient channel, or do I need something more heavy duty?  If I need something more, what should it be?  Cost is a major factor.


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Re: Central Vac Noise
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The solid core door is a must, from there you can actually take measures to further soundproof the door. The next thing I would consider is installing a material called Mass loaded vinyl to the interior walls of the closet where the central vac is located. You could also cover the vac itself with a closed cell foam mat to help to quell the noise right at it's source. There are a lot of options. Think about giving me a call at one of the numbers below and we can discuss you options further. Thanks Tony.

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Re: Central Vac Noise
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Thanks, Bob.  I'm out of town next week, so I'll give you a call week after next.