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Dawn Curtis

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Rainfall on Air Conditioner
« on: June 24, 2003, 02:26:53 AM »
Hello There!
We were wondering if you could help us out. We rent an older home that has no gutters. We have window air conditioner units and it is most difficult to sleep when rain is pouring off of the roof and onto the metal frame of the air conditioner. It drives us crazy and wakes us up at night.

Right now we are tossing beach towels over top of it if we are expecting rain or getting up in the middle of the night. My poor husband opens the adjacent window and sticks his arm and head out into the rain to toss the towel over the unit!!  He is always careful to not cover the top and side vents.   There has got to be a better solution for muffling the sound of the rain!! Help!

Thanks a million.  :D


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Re: Rainfall on Air Conditioner
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A simple solution would be to construct a small pitched roof or canopy type to cover over the Air conditioning unit to deflect the rain from pouring down onto the hollow metal case of the unit. This little deflector or canopy could be constructed of wood or aluminum, or other weatherproof material, and the inside of the deflector could be lined with a closed cell foam mat that would help to quell the noise of the rain hitting the deflector itself.
This would be a simple "do it yourselfer" project, and should solve the rain problem for good.
For more information on the closed cell foam mat, see the "prices" page on  The first table of products are the foams.
Dawn, Thanks for the interesting post.

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