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Mike Krall

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Rolled Roofing
« on: June 24, 2003, 05:24:31 AM »
I've read here and on the web site about the use of rolled roofing as a sound proofing material. Would you explain the ways it is used and the techniques involved? About how much sound proofing does this give in a 2x4 wall? A 2x6 wall?

Mike Krall


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Re: Rolled Roofing
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The rolled roofing is indeed a good soundproofer and is readily available at most Home Improvement Stores, however, it would take nearly 5 layers of the rolled roofing material to equal 1 layer of the Mass Loaded Vinyl. I feel that with the time and labor of installing the rolled roofing, you be miles ahead to simply get some of the (MLV) to do your soundproofing. For the 2 walls you described, the cost of the vinyl would be very minimal, and it would save a lot of time and effort over the rolled roofing installation.
If any of our readers have had experience (either positive or negative) with the use of rolled roofing as a soundproofer, I would be interested in hearing your story,
Mike, thanks for your post, I hope this information has helped you.

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