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Julie Phillips

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outside noise permeating bedroom
« on: June 26, 2003, 03:27:54 PM »
My house is vinyl sided and is within about 1/4-1/2 mile from the freeway.  My bedroom is at the end of the house, with one window and is the closest to the freeway.  Two walls of my bedroom are the outside walls of the house and face the freeway.  It's not the traffic noise per se that keeps me awake.  It's the low level vibration or noise that sounds like it could be the engines, mufflers or just the tires on the road.  Whatever it is, the intensity and pitch changes and I can hear/feel it through a white air machine that I use.  I believe I'm getting some noise through the window, but also if I put my ear to the wall, I can definitely hear the noise louder.  In fact, my neighbors hang out in their back yard a lot and they are about 20-30 feet away and if I put my ear to the wall, I can hear them talking.

If I go into the living room I can still hear some of this noise, but it is greatly reduced.  Please give me somewhere to start.  I've been reading your website and even though I'm a do-it-yourselfer, I feel overwhelmed.


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Outside noise permeating bedroom
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No need to feel overwhelmed, as my boss tells me on a daily basis, "Bob, this is NOT rocket science". He's right.
Julie, if the window is a double paned window there is a possibility that it is a soundproof window. The reason I say this is because usually the windows are the weak link in the Soundproofing chain.
Obviously from your assessment of the situation, the walls are definitely a problem. There is a material called Mass Loaded Vinyl. (MLV). This a 1/8" thick vinyl that is a great sound blocker, and would be the perfect material for your situation. This (MLV) would be stapled directly to your existing drywall, you would then caulk the seams and around the perimeter of the (MLV) and finally I would recommend that you layer over the (MLV) with a layer of 5/8" fire code drywall. The extra sheetrock will add 8 STC points to the vinyl's 26 STC points, giving your wall and added 34 STC points. (The higher the STC's the better)
Julie, this should give you a minimum of 50% sound reduction, and probably a lot more than that, I just like giving conservative estimates.
Please give me a call if you need further information or wish to order this product. Thanks for your post Julie.

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