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Rob Kyff

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Neighbor's air conditioner
« on: July 01, 2003, 03:39:41 AM »
My neighbor's window air conditioner is very loud (18,000 BTU) and very close to our property line.  It's located 8 feet off the ground and the town prohibits fences of more than 6 feet.  They've agree to help me with a solution.  If I built a "baffle box" around the air conditioner, how far would the walls have to be away from the unit for it to have enough intake to function properly?  (I was thinking of a box 6 ft. by 6 ft. by 6 ft.)  Can the box have a top to keep sound in or does the top need to be open for air intake?  What kind of sound proofing should I line the box with?  Since this is outdoors, is it OK for the sound proofing material to get wet?  An answer to any of these questions would be most helpful.  Thanks.  


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Re: Neighbor's air conditioner
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I believe that you and I spoke over the phone about your situation, but for the benefit of our many readers I will answer your questions here as well.
First off, yes you can construct and enclosure around the AC unit, and as far as I can tell your demensions look to be pretty accurate. You will want to have enough space so that the compressor can ventilate. The manufacturers of the unit will tell you that construction of such a structure could void the warranty, but I doubt that seriously.
You also can build a small roof or canopy atop the structure, but I would leave at least a 1 foot gap for the unit to breathe.
Now the inside of this structure should be lined with a closed cell foam mat (the thicker the better). I would also glue a layer of the foam to the roof or canopy of this structure. This should do the trick for quelling the noise from the AC unit. The closed cell foam mat is weather resistant, and will hold up for years on end, however, if the structure has a roof or canopy, this will protect the foam mat from the elements and it should then last indefinitely.
Rob, thanks for the interesting posting, I am sure many of our readers will benefit from this information.

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