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Kathleen Finnegan, Licens

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thin walls low budget
« on: August 07, 2003, 02:32:03 PM »
Help!  I am a counselor with thin walls and a low budget.  Do you have suggestions for materials that can help create privacy?  I was thinking about carpet tiles or cork tiles.  Something I can handle myself (short aging female with ladder).


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Re: thin walls low budget
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 There are materials that can be adhered to your existing drywall as a soundproofing agent. One great  material that would serve this purpose is Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). It could be stapled or glued to your existing drywall, and then we would recommend that you layer over top of the vinyl with a layer of 5/8" fire code drywall, tape, mud and paint as usual and you are finished!
Now if the extra layer of drywall is not an option, you can always paint the MLV with a vinyl or latex paint and you can even use a texture on the vinyl to get that plaster effect on your walls.
We recommend the extra drywall for soundproofing as it is easier to make the wall look normal once painted etc. and it adds up to 8 STC  (sound transmission class)points to your wall.
The only cheap alternative to the MLV that I can think of is a material that can be had at Home Depot or Lowe's called rolled roofing. It is a grainy sandy material, but is  a fairly good soundproofer. It is not  as good as the (MLV), but it is cheaper.
If I can be of further assistance Kathleen, please do not hesitate to call. Thanks for the post.

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