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Clayton Perfect

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Sound Proofing single garage
« on: August 03, 2003, 03:43:49 PM »
I'm moving into a single garage and plan on turning it into a studio which will house a set of drums and guitars. i do plan on using them but my neighbours will have a baby!  

the garage is an extension to the house and there is nothing attached to the sides (of the garage). in other words its free around three sides. the room is about 3m x 6m. there is a wooden garage door about 3m x 3m.

i know that the main thing is the door. how would i stop the sound escaping. i need the material to use, airspace etc. i was also told egg boxes would do something but not according to you. a guy at the music shop told me that the trick is to use airspaces. like having different layers of lets just say blankets and having air between them.

i also need to know how to sound proof the door leading into the house. and wat else must i do?


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Re: Sound Proofing single garage
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I could go into a long drawn out explanation of what to do in your garage area to soundproof, but I can instead going to give you a link on the sight and you need to read and understand this scenario in order to better understand what you are up against with your garage studio. Click on the link below, I am sure you will find it very enlightening. Thanks Clay! Linkage below!

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