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Rehearsal Space...
« on: July 31, 2003, 04:19:43 PM »
My band just recently moved into a rehearsal space under a warehouse at my work. It is a fairly large space (24' x 48'). It is composed of cinderblock walls and poured concrete floor and ceiling. We are set up on one side of the room (We don't need the whole space).

We don't have to consider any neighbors, so noise isn't a problem. However, the reflections and echoes are a major problem. They are so intense that it's hard to hear any separation between instruments. What is the easiest and cheapest (non-permanent) method of cutting out the slapback echoes?

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Re: Rehearsal Space...
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What you need to do is soften up the rehearsal space. This can be done by placing absorbent materials on the walls, ceiling, and even on the concrete floor. Refraction is sound bouncing off of hard surfaces kind of like the proverbial (B B in a box car) except on a much larger scale.
Absorbent materials such as carpet and padding, open cell foam mats, (common egg crate foam) over stuffed furniture, banners, murals and tapistries all work together to combat refraction, and reverberation in your rehearsal studio.
If you get a chance, take a look at the Weggies and Pyramids on the website This is the material that profession sound studio's use to prevent echo, reverberation, and refraction. They are definitely a good means of "softening up" a room  like yours.
Thanks for the interesting post Rob.

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