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Fiberglass Attentuation Batts
« on: August 03, 2003, 01:48:35 PM »
Having recently purchased some MLV and acoustical caulk from Super Soundproofing, I am in the process of framing out a new interior wall to help stop neighbor noise in my townhome.

I have already attached the MLV to the back of the new wall frame, and secured the frame to the existing wall effectively sandwiching the MLV, filling any seams with the caulk.

Now, I have about 3 inches deep of space (and 16 inches wide) between the new studs for adding another layer of sound attentuation material. I have found CertaSound R-11 low-density sound attentuation fiberglass batts in the perfect size (except it's 3.5 inches thick and may lightly touch the back of the new 5/8 sheetrock top layer I plan on installing.)

Is this material usable in this scenario to help stop even more sound (loud voices, tv.)? Or is leaving the 3 inches deep and 16 inches wide of air space between the studs preferable, without any new material? BTW, I wasn't able to find a comparable material on your site for CertaSound but maybe I missed it.



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Re: Fiberglass Attentuation Batts
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2003, 10:08:22 PM »

I am not familiar with the Certa Sound Mats, but for the most part if they are not the common pink or yellow fiberglass insulation, then they should be fine inside of the wall cavities. Other materials that are good soundproofers are rock wool, mineral wool, and cut wool fibers. These batted materials are very good soundproofers when used in conjunction with the closed cell foams, mass loaded vinyls or a floated wall.
Chris, keep in mind that a sealed off dead air space is a great soundproofer in itself, but it must be sealed off with materials like the closed cell foam mat, or a good hdose of acoustical caulk.
Hope this helps.

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