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Brandon Wardell

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Soundproofing a Music Studio in an apartment...
« on: August 08, 2003, 01:56:39 AM »
I live in NYC with an apartment that has fairly thick walls and floors.  My problem is that I have a music studio in my downstairs bedroom that needs to be made as soundproof as possible.  The room actually has great acoustics for recording already, so I am not worried about that.  I just want to be able to play music at a decent level at any time of day.  Creative expression knows no time table in my world.  The room is about 10 by 10.  Below me is my neighbor.  To my right is a stairway.  To my left is my other bedroom.  Above me is my master bedroom.  I was thinking about building a raised floor in the room, about 6 inches, and want to know if that is high enough to make a dfference.  I could do foam inside the frame and tile on the top below the carpet and padding.  I was planning on leaving my old carpet where it is and building all of this on top.  I have heard about making the riser a "floating" one.  Meaning that it doesn't touch the surrounding walls or if it does it is padded by foam.  Is that a good idea?  I guess I need to worry about sound transfer from the side walls to the other apartments too.  The upstairs nieghbor has heard me all the way though my upstairs bedroom to his apartment.  Obviously, I want to make the studio acceptable for all of my neighbors and not too expensive for me.  Please advise me on what to do in this matter.

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Re: Soundproofing a Music Studio in an apartment..
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From your description it looks like all you would really need to soundproof would be the floor, and the best material for that would be to roll out a layer of the Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). You could probably use the MLV sans the foam backing, unless of course you were to carpet and pad the room, then you would definitely want the vinyl with the foam back. You'd roll the vinyl out on the floor, caulk the seams and around the perimeter, and then nail your carpet tackless into the vinyl, and the carpet and pad over the vinyl. You'd use the same procedure for the foam backed MLV except instead of butting the seams together, they would over lap the seams and caulk in between the over lap. That's the only difference, the tackless (carpet tack) nails right thru the vinyl, and then you carpet and pad right over the vinyl. It is not Rocket Science.
Brandon, if you decide you need to soundproof all or some of the walls, either repost that, or simply give me a call. Thanks for the interesting post.

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