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noisy bedroom in new home
« on: August 12, 2003, 01:26:41 PM »
We have just spent a small fortune on a new home and are very disappointed in how sound carries within the house.  Outside noise is not a problem.  The home has a great room that extends to the second floor ceiling.  Adjacent is our bedroom with a large connecting wall made of drywall and studs, no insulation.  Below our bedroom is the kitchen.  We have carpet on the floor.  Its hard to hear exactly where the sound carries.  My first question: which do you think is worse, the large adjoining wall, or the floor?  Second, what are the options to reduce the sound levels?  Cutting small holes between the studs and filling the cavity is an option, but from what I've read, that isn't the best way to go.  Adding a layer of drywall is only an option on part of the wall?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: noisy bedroom in new home
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That's a tough one. Without knowing where the noise in leaking in from makes it difficult for me to give you an accurate assessment of your sound control problem and solutions for solving these sound issues.
You need to do a little more investigation and find out exactly where the sounds are coming into the bedroom areas. The studs and drywall may be part of the problem, but the lack of fiberglass insulation is a good thing, as the fiberglass fibers actually have a tendency to transmit sound.
There are simple and cost effective methods for treating the high wall as well as the floors under the carpet and pad.
Basically I need a little more information on your situation, so if you have a chance please feel free to give me or Jeff a call. Thanks Jim, don't worry, we will get this fixed.

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