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Permabond is a type of cement board, you are trying to load as much mass as you can afford..the heavier the better.

Randy S.
Sorry for my ignorance. 1/2" what?
#2 lb mass loaded vinyl or a couple layers of 1/2" permabond

Randy S.
What do you suggest for mass?
the interior wall is behind kitchen cabinets so have to add outside.
ok so not exposed directly to outside but in a wall...ok great ...

you can use standard Roxul batt insulation and double frame construction followed by lots and lots of mass.

The heavier the better for low frequency attenuation.

 Randy S.
Outside.  Opening up existing 2x4 walls to hopefully staggered studs or double studs.


what is your project for outside? kind of hard to make recommendations without all of the information.

Randy S.

Is roxul comfortboard a good option for outside?

Is there a big difference between the 80 vs 110?
Other Soundproofing Questions / Re: Basement ceiling soundproofing
« Last post by Randy S on August 29, 2017, 03:32:59 PM »

You can use fiberglass since you are doing minor soundproofing..Mass is what you need and as much as you can put in..

you need to at least double the weight to see a 5db drop (40% of human speech) the more the mass the better the reduction.

The channel allows for complex structure and improves basic direct applied systems.

Randy S.
use roxul or therma fiber or even cotton fiber would be best bang for buck.

Randy S.
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