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Title: Soundproofing Windows
Post by: Keri Gavin on October 01, 2003, 05:27:50 PM

I have a great apartment in Chicago that just happens to be approx. 30 feet from the elevated train tracks.  Unfortunately, the bedroom is the closest to the tracks and the trains run 24 hours.  There are three windows in my bedroom and I suspect that most of the noise comes through them, as the walls are brick/concrete.  Since I'm renting, I don't want to spend a fortune or install anything too permanent, but need something more substantial than curtains.  I was reading about the window plugs on this site, and that seems to be a relatively reasonable option, but I was looking to see what you would recommend.  Appreciate any advice!
Title: Re: Soundproofing Windows
Post by: Boborther on October 09, 2003, 10:57:36 PM

It looks like your getting wise about soundproofing. The window plug is exactly what I would have suggested. Granted, it will block out the light, but at night, that's actually a good thing. With the room now quiet and much darker, you'll sleep like a baby.
These plugs have worked for thousands of people throughout the United States and the entire world for that matter, and they are an effective and economical way to soundproof your window.
Keri, if you have any further questions on a window plug, or you wish to order the material for your window plug, please feel free to call me toll free @ (888) 942-7723.
Thanks for your post Keri.

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Title: Re: Soundproofing Windows
Post by: susanna brooks on April 04, 2004, 05:58:23 PM
Hello, I think this particular problem is the closest to my problem.  I am also currently renting and the house is on a busy street regardless of what day or time.  The house is old and single pane windows so that adds to the problem.  I have migraine problems and I am beginning to suffer from it more.  :'( So bottom line is that I am looking for an affordable but yet effective way to block noise from motorcycles to people talking especially at night. At this point I dont care about the looks just something economical, effective and will ship to APO address.   I hope you have such solution for me. Thanks a lot.