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Title: New townhouse with noise
Post by: Kimberly on November 17, 2003, 04:11:26 AM
I wrote a few weeks ago and have not heard any useful resposnes.  I would like to find some way to reduce the sound in my new townhouse so that I can tell the builder what my options are (he basically said I had none).  As I said in the last posting, I have a one year warranty and I feel that the amount of noise that I am hearing through the walls calls for some improvement on my walls by the builder.  What can I do?

Title: Re: New townhouse with noise
Post by: Carol Preston on November 24, 2003, 01:48:09 PM
Kimberly....I have the same problem that you do and i have been reading through a lot of the posts on this site. I did receive an answer to one I posted about whether or not there existed a uniform builders code that all builders must adhere to but it was not encouraging. It seems as though there are no codes unless your town has decided to establish one. You would have to get the building codes from the town hall. It's a long shot though. It seems as though the only codes that exists for "common walls" are fire codes. Our builder used the term when he advertised his units as having used "fire proof/sound deadening insulation" in the marriage walls - sound deadening but not soundproofing.