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Title: Reduce Echo
Post by: Trent on November 19, 2003, 08:52:58 PM
I own a loft in Downtown Denver.  It is around 1600 sq ft with no interior walls and 10 ft exterior walls, cement ceiling and hardwood floors through out.  I get a ton of echo, as there is not enough softness to knock it down.  It is difficult to listen to the TV and Music as the waves are bouncing all over the place crashing into each other.  I would like some ideas how to reduce the echo without impacting the look and feel of the loft for a cost effective price.  In addtion any suggestions should also take in account helping reduce noise from neighbors both above and beside.  Any advice is welcome.  
Title: Re: Reduce Echo
Post by: rollee on November 21, 2003, 06:55:06 AM
I'd guess that you could start by putting up tapestries, carpet, or curtains on the walls and floors to reduce the amount of hard surfaces that can reflect sound.  You might try hanging tapestries or posters in the middle of the room even to help break up some of the large open spaces.