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Title: Impact noise between next-door apartments
Post by: Ann Peters on March 20, 2004, 07:08:34 AM
I own a coop in a classic 100-year NY tenemant building.  My neighbor complains constantly about footsteps and while I know it is annoying for him, it is killing my enjoyment of my own apartment.  I often work into the wee hours, and have taken to tiptoeing, but still he complains.  If I have one person over on a weekend night, with no music and wearing no shoes, I still get complaints.  

The joist are obviously the main problem, but I don't have the money to lay down new "floating" floor, and after having spent 2 solid weeks sanding the floors, I don't want to get wall-to-wall carpeting.  What can I do?  I am about to have my walls soundproofed, and can spend about $1000 trying to fix this problem (apt is 400 sq ft).  Is there a way to cut through our connecting floor boards and somehow lay rubber stoppers between them to stop so much vibration.

Or is there a simple way to take up some of the floorboards near the party wall and place insulation on the joists at that point?

The neighbor is a heavy man, and I do feel his footstep constantly, but am not bothered by them anymore, so am simply trying to stop my (130 lb) footsteps traveling, and the weekly knocks on my door.

Btw, love this site and even made my contractor look at it before deciding on soundproofing for my walls.  Thank you for any suggestions