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Title: Sound Proofing Condo Ceiling Dallas, TX
Post by: Mark Farmer on May 19, 2004, 05:50:25 PM
I just recently bought and moved into a brand new condo complex. It is three stories and I live on the second. The sales office is below me so there is no one living below me. The condo above me just sold and the owners have moved in. The foot steps above sound like they are stomping around when they are at home. I have been awoken several times from the noise above. The complex claims they put in 18” engineered trusses, 3/4 inch plywood and cementaceous layer for sound dampening 1-hour fire rated common walls. I can hear every step the owners above make. I do not hear their stereo or tv unless they turn the bass up. I have 9" ceilings and hardwood floors as do the owners above me have.  I have heard from several other owners and they also have the same problem. What can I do to fix my problem? What would the estamiated cost be? Help, I do not know where to go from here.
Title: Re: Sound Proofing Condo Ceiling Dallas, TX
Post by: Scott Swisher on May 24, 2004, 10:32:31 PM
Hello Mark,

You have brought up a major problem with wood floors in condos: they transmit too much sound.

That is they transmit the impact noise through to the people living below.

Your best solution to this problem involves isolating the sound coming through your ceiling by "floating" a ceiling using resilient sound clips and 7/8" furring channel.

This solution is an effective way to isolate the impact noise and to stop it from transferring through the floor/ceiling assembly between you and your upstairs neighbor.

The estimated costs of fixing this problem would vary depending on your square footage, labor needed, and cost of materials.  Without a square footage it is impossible to accurately estimate costs.  A rough estimate for a "typical" condo would be around a couple thousand dollars in materials.

If you would like to talk over the details of your situation in more detail, feel free to give us a call at 1-760-752-3030 for a more in depth consultation.

Thank you,

Scott Swisher
Super Soundproofing Consultant
Title: Re: Sound Proofing Condo Ceiling Dallas, TX
Post by: Greg Shaw on August 31, 2004, 07:16:50 PM
Is floating a ceiling the same as a drop down ceiling?  Do you have an idea of cost?  My apartment is only about 700 sq. feet.  My ceiling isn’t very high though.  My main problem is heavy thudding footsteps (and tv noise).  I would appreciate any help or advice.
Title: Re: Sound Proofing Condo Ceiling Dallas, TX
Post by: Scott Swisher on August 31, 2004, 09:35:26 PM
Hello Greg,

To answer your question, floating a ceiling and putting in a drop ceiling are two different processes for two differing purposes.  

A drop ceiling is a made from metal framework suspended by wires from the joists.  That type of ceiling has either 2 foot by 2 foot or 2 foot by 4 foot panels, generally made of fiberglass placed into the metal grid.  The drop ceiling can actually be a negative towards soundproofing as it lets to much noise including vibration pass right through it.  However, the drop ceiling does have a use and that is for cleaning up the sound in a room.  The cleaning up of sound is called sound conditioning.

The "floated" ceiling, on the otherhand,  gives you isolation between your joists and your drywall.  It creates a sort of trampoline effect for the the vibration sound.  The sound comes up against this partially flexible barrier and bounces back towards its source.  The floated ceiling can be done with either sound clips and furring channel or resilient channel.

Thanks for your question,

Scott Swisher

Super Soundproofing Consultant