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Title: Creating a sound barrier between a sliding door
Post by: Ben Swire on February 11, 2005, 07:54:20 AM
I recently moved into an apartment in which my bedroom is separated from my roommate's room by a large sliding door, measuring 6'x7.5'.  I am trying to figure out an easy affordable solution to help block sound between the rooms.  The door will remain permanently closed.  I would rather not have to deal with the procedure of constructing a wall using sheetrock, and I need something that I can remove upon moving out of the apartment.  I was thinking that perhaps I would build a frame in the doorway in front of the door on both sides using 2"x2" sheets of wood, and then put up sheets of "soundboard" or perhaps acoustical ceiling tiles.  A local supplier sells USG micore which he claims is far more effective than the soundboard at home depot.  Does anyone have experience with any of these products.  Can soundboard and ceiling tiles be screwed in around the edges or will they crumble?  If I use ceiling tile is it imperitive to caulk around each edge?  Would multiple layers help?  When I spoke with someone at USG today he went on for a very long time about the proper procedure to go about constructing a wall for sound isolation.  I am not expecting the room to be dead quiet, I just want to help cut down the sound in an efficient manner.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.