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Title: Baseboards and Soundproofing
Post by: Steve W. on May 16, 2005, 04:39:42 PM
Before moving into a co-op building recently, I had the old baseboards replaced.  The old ones were in bad shape but they were solid wood.  I had them replaced with thinner fiber board.  The sound from the downstairs neighbor's TV is very loud.  I can even hear him talking on the phone, so even with the TV at low volumes I can still hear it.  I wasn't living in the apartment before the baseboards were replaced, but I was there on several occasions.  It seems like the noise is much louder from downstairs now, but I'm not sure if the baseboard replacement is the culprit.

I noticed that when the old baseboards were pulled out there was a large gap between the plaster walls and the hardwood floor.  You could see down to what looked like the top of the ceiling of the lower apartment.  The new baseboards were caulked on the top, but a thin plastic toe board was used on the bottom.

I'm wondering if the solution is ripping out the new fiber board baseboards, spraying cellulose into the holes, and replacing them with solid wood boards.  Or should I just cover the floor with MLV and wall to wall carpeting.  I would hate to cover the hardwood floors, but I'm open to suggestions.

Title: Re: Baseboards and Soundproofing
Post by: supersoundproofing on May 22, 2005, 11:47:06 PM
Yes, it is possible the baseboard replacement made the problem worse.  Best to caulk that gap you speak of shut with acoustical sound blocking caulk:

This is the first and cheapest way, if it solves the problem, covering the floor with MLV won't be needed.