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Title: Plaster wall on top of brick,stud out then rc &
Post by: keef0420 on November 22, 2005, 05:24:24 PM
I have a comman party of firewall that is made out of plaater directly on top of the brick.  

A). Could I just put Green Glue on the plaster wall and glue drywall two it?  I know that you are suposed to screw the top layer down to squeeze the green glue.

B) Is the best way to stud out the wall with 2X3's and make a 1/4 gap betwen the studs and the plaster wall, then put up RC channels, then a layer of drywall, then green glue, and finally another layer of drywall.  

I have the problem on the first floor where the plaster wall is oin the side of the steps, so I am not sure if I can stud out that wall or it will stick out into the steps too far.  

I may just go nuts on the master bedroom and make that totally soundproof.  

Any help or advice would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.