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Title: In the process of sound proofing my basement and am wondering....
Post by: Ryan on April 09, 2001, 06:40:18 AM
 I just bought a new house and am in the process of sound proofing my basement for playing and recording music. I've been told by many people that styrafoam boards work well. So in my unfinished basement(actually it is a split level house so downstairs is at ground level), their was a layer of insulation on the walls already and I added 1" inch thick styrafoam board in between the studs on top of the insulation. I then sealed any hole or gap with this spray foam sealant. Their is a big 6x4 window on one wall that I will place a 2" inch thick styrafaom board tightly against it when ever I play my guitar. Is this enough to keep the neighbors from complaining? Also, I stuffed in between the studs of the ceiling with acoustic insulation and 4" inches thick of styrafoam board, is this possibly enough to keep sound from entering the upstairs portion of the house? Is all this enough or should I add more of something to the walls or the ceiling? Would really appreciate some responses. Thanks!!