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Title: Which products to soundproof our new hot tub?
Post by: knievel on April 15, 2012, 03:25:35 PM
Hi, looking for some advice on soundproofing our hot tub. It is a fiberglass shell type tub that I have so far only built a 2x4 frame around.

First issue is it's sitting on a wood deck, which is sitting on a cement pad attached to our house.
The motor is vibrating and it's traveling into the house with a loud hum.
I did throw a rubber mat under it and it went away for a day or 2 but it's back. So I need the proper fix for that.

Second issue is just general water/air noises coming from the underside of the tub itself.
So I would like to wrap the frame in something to deaden that before I attach the outer skirt. Will probably be strips of cedar.

Thanks in advance.
Title: soundproof our new hot tub?
Post by: Randy S on April 16, 2012, 11:02:33 PM
Ok, for these type projects you will need to decouple from the structure and add foam mat to the skirt and fill any areas with absorption if possible.


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