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Title: Privacy in the bathroom
Post by: goblinsly on July 11, 2012, 12:41:45 AM
Hi everyone,

Quite simple question. I am trying to insulate my bathroom doors. Walls around the bathroom are insulated quite well, also there is no gap around the doors. The problem is its a thin wooden door which offers basicly no sound insulation.

I have done some door insulation with rock wool in the past and it works quite well. The problem is you have to encase rock wool into something - otherwise its bad for lungs - and i simply dont have the time to do this. Besides i dont need that much insulation, i am just trying to prevent certain noices leaving the bathroom and to give peope using it some privacy - if anywhere, bathroom is the place to have one.

What i came up with is styrodur. Its extremely cheap and basicly perfect for this mission. Soo here is what my idea is:

First i glue this thin foam to the doors:

Why this foam ? I have some spare at my home soo its for free. Also my amateur thinking is...this would kind of block vibrations from doors to styrofoam since styrofoam is quite hard and i can imagine it vibrating. Soo on this foam i would glue about 5 - 10 cm of styrodur, thats 1.96 - 3.9 inches. Then i simply cut of excess styrodur soo the doors and close and i also use some excess foam to make sure all corners are sealed 100%.

Please tell me this would be enough to give some privacy in the bathroom ? It is cheap solution and i really dont have nor money nor time for anything else. I am not looking to block loud music or jelling soo not looking for a perfect insulation. But its importaint whether cm for cm or if you prefer inch for inch, it will be better then wood. Because i have tons of wood that i will throw away soo if that is better i can just glue some foam to doors and then glue pieces of wood to it. Doors are not maid for such weight though and will probably bend over time...