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Title: Sound control in commercial space
Post by: jsnowash on November 27, 2012, 11:18:53 AM
I'm in the process of preparing to open a small, independent fitness studio in a strip shopping plaza.  The space will include two rooms where fitness classes will be conducted - one room for general group fitness classes, another room for "spinning".  Music volume in the "spinning" room will be fairly loud... 

Being in a strip plaza, I share two common walls, and want to minimize the transmission of sound between my space and my neighbors.  I don't need the space to be completely "soundproof", but I want to reduce sound transmission enough so that my operations don't impact on or create a nuisance for the adjoining businesses. 

I took a stereo into the space yesterday to try and get an idea of how much sound insulation there is there now, it seems like it's pretty minimal.  I could definitely hear the music in the adjoining spaces...

I'm looking for the most cost effective solution to address this issue.  Would a product like Green Glue and an extra layer of sheet rock be a good solution?  What about MLV?  Any other options I should consider?