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Title: Door insulation - final touch
Post by: goblinsly on December 18, 2012, 01:10:32 AM

The door insulation is almost over, needs only a final touch, i will need some help with it. Quick information about it, its a wooden door with an added wooden frame and 5 cm of DP8 rock wool in it. Around is a wall from 2 layers of drywall and 5 cm of DP8 rock wool between. The only "noice" that i want to insulate is speech, i dont care about low frequencies and such. I have to state here that the wall itself provides a great insulation, you can barely hear anything through it. The door itself is almoast as good.

The problem is that between the wall and the door, there are big gaps, which allows lots of noice to pass through it. I included a picture soo you will know what i mean. I have to close those gaps now. The thing is that its hard to make an "object" to put between wall and door because when you open the door, it will move a bit to the left because it is soo wide....soo you need to leave a tiny gap if you want it to open. Since the door is uneven, i need a meterial that is easy to manipulate. I was thinking of styrodur. It is not a very good sound insulator but very easy to manipulate. Soo with it, i could fill the gap you see on the picture. And then i would use drywall to create a bridge between wall and the door, as you can see on this picture:

I think this would be the best solution. The only other option i can think of is spraying polyuretan foam between the wall and the door and then using a knife to cut off the remains and create a perfect fit. I have some polyuretan foam left but i am unsure whether it is a better sound absorber then styrodur ( which i also have ). I hope you can help me with my problem because it bothers me that i have the door and a wall that basicly absorbs like 95% of noices, yet with those gaps leaving noice through, together it is not 95% absorbtion but only 50% or less.

ps: after this gaps are filled, i am also thinking about sound absorbing curtain to put over the door when extra insulation is needed. Its not much but i have pretty good experience with them as a musician, we used them in our music school and considering how little space they take and how easy it is to move and fit them ( compared to fixing another door for instance.. ), they are great. Opinions ?