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Title: Soundproofing an outdoor AC unit from the ground up
Post by: sopwith on April 23, 2015, 11:43:25 PM

I'm making plans for installing a new AC system in our house, and I had a couple of questions about reducing the sound level for the part of the system that is outdoors (that big box with the fan in it).

I was planning to put the outdoor unit as far from the house as reasonably possible, on a concrete pad for durability. However, I heard that concrete is not the best material for a pad since it tends to reflect the unit's sound up and outward.

I also want to install some type of sound blanket around the compressor inside the unit. They come preinstalled on some higher-end AC units. Brinmar makes some that look like they're basically a fiberglass mat sealed inside waterproof fabric. The compressor is cooled by the fluid it pumps, so ventilating the compressor itself is not an issue.

Anything I put in place needs to endure through all sorts of weather and a wide temperature range (especially around the compressor, which can get up to 225F or so internally).

I don't want to put in fences or walls around the unit because it restricts ventilation and reduces the unit's efficiency. Just trying to do as much as I can before the thing gets installed.

My two questions are:
* Is there some type of mat you can suggest to put under the unit that will absorb sound well and pass it into the concrete pad?
* Is there a material you can suggest that can be used to make a more effective "sound blanket" to wrap around the compressor?

Title: Re: Soundproofing an outdoor AC unit from the ground up
Post by: Randy S on May 28, 2015, 04:42:29 PM
You can put 2lb mass loaded vinyl on the concrete pad, since it is outside you will get some value but not the best. something is better than nothing.
As for addressing the unit itself, you would have to discuss this with the manufacturer because I am sure that once you add material to the inside it would void any warranty from the company.
It would be the same material as the fiberglass sound blankets.

Feel free to contact me direct.

Randy S.
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