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Title: Townhouse stairway
Post by: zode on September 28, 2015, 08:43:55 PM
Hi, I'm renting a townhouse with a friend. It has one of those goofy multilevel layouts. The main problem we are running in to is one stairway between floors. The stairway connects two living rooms and sound travels extremely well between floors (especially up). Coming from downstairs there are four steps then a landing where you turn 90 degrees and go the rest of the way up. We are renting so we can't put a door between floors and it would require reshaping the ceiling anyway since it is angled up to the landing then shoots up to the ceiling of the main floor. This design is obviously terrible for blocking sound, especially with the half wall at the top of the stairs and the ceiling. Attaching a few pictures to show the extent of this design problem. First picture is from the bottom of the stairs, second is showing the strange angle of the two ceiling sections at the landing, and the third is a shot up the stairs where you can see the half wall on the right and where the ceiling shoots up (and the baby gate to keep the puppy upstairs).

Is there any way we could get a decent amount of sound dampening between these rooms without a huge remodel (that we obviously can't do)? Would curtains help? Maybe making a "door" from foam or something?
Title: Re: Townhouse stairway
Post by: Randy S on September 29, 2015, 05:01:38 PM
You can do a vinyl strip curtain which would give you some value of reduction but not as effective as a solid core door.

Randy S.