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Title: Sound proofing gun range
Post by: hammerdown on February 15, 2017, 02:39:39 PM
hello, I came across this forum while searching for how to sound proof a gun range.  First, it is legal to shoot where im at, I am in the country, not city limits, however, I am in a neighborhood on a 1 acre lot, in a culdesac at the very back, with no fences.  I dont want to annoy anyone and some people today have an issue with guns.   Secondly, I have lawfully obtained, NFA registered through the BATF suppressors / silencers for all the firearms I intend to shoot.   As some of you may know, suppressors do not completely silence a shot.  What they do is knock about 30 - 35 db off the sound, taking a 165 db shot down to about 130-135 db.  I mostly use subsonic ammo and the ammo that I do use that is supersonic is .223 caliber in size so the crack is not just huge like a .30 cal or bigger caliber, but its still and audible crack. 

I have built a 10 ft dirt berm in my back yard more than adequate enough to serve as a back stop to catch rounds and ensure safety.  Behind that to the east is an open hay field, no trees, but im on the down side of about a 10 degree long slope.  The highest point of this slope is approximately 15-20 feet above my head and this is the direction I will be shooting, so even if one makes it over the berm, it wont make it over the hill.   The nearest house in this direction from google earth measuring is 1500 ft away with no trees between us, however, due to the hill slope, I can only see the top 4-5 feet of the roof.   Im not too worried about these folks hearing a thing as by the time the sound reaches them, it should be down graded drastically, and this is Oklahoma, where the wind is always blowing.

My northside neighbor will be 300 ft away from where im shooting, however, I will be shooting on the south side of my property, back towards the east, which slopes down about 10-15 degrees just like the field in the back.   So I am down in a hole a bit, plus my 2 story house is in between where im shooting and them.   No trees between us, however im looking into some 12-15 ft loblolly pines that can be transplanted along the property line.

My southside neighbor is on 10 acres and has a fairly heavily wooded creek that divides their property almost in half.   Their house is also about 300 feet away from where ill be shooting and they are slightly up hill.   The trees are heavy enough that during the summer I cannot see their house at all.

To the west, approximately 500 ft is another house, with trees and my house in between where im shooting.  Since im shooting away from this house, im not too worried about disturbing them either, as they are behind the sound.

My main concerns are my side neighbors.   I dont want to build fences, and by the HOA covenants here, we cannot have solid fences anyway, only iron fencing.  Trees and shrubs are fair game though.

other than planting trees and shrubs, (or building side berms which I really dont want to do) is there anything else I can do to reduce the sound that reaches my neighbors?  By playing around with an online inverse square decibel reduction calculator I see that under ideal sound transmission conditions that my 130-135 db sound will be about 108-112 db after 300 feet.   Id like to get it down into the 90s.

Is there anything else I can do reasonably, or am I pretty much at the limits at this point?

are there certain types of trees that are better at sound absorption than others?   

Thanks for any and all help!

Title: Re: Sound proofing gun range
Post by: Randy S on March 13, 2017, 03:14:09 PM
for these type of projects it would be best to contact me directly.

Randy S.