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Title: Reducing noise from furnace
Post by: DP on March 03, 2002, 10:39:00 PM
My problem is that there is a furnace in a closet within the living room, where we have a TV & sound system.  Every time the furnace turns on or off, we have to adjust the volume.  The noise itself isn't annoying.  It's just white noise.  It's the need to adjust the sound level every few minutes that's a pain.
I've read a couple postings that talk about how to reduce noise from a furnace.  They talk about building an S-cureve, lining the vents, etc.  This seems too involved to me.  I would have to design something for the unusual layout of my living room, calculate how much of the different materials I need, order them, and install them.  All this in the hope that I'm doing this right and not just wasting my time.  Isn't there a better way?  Are there people who can take a look at my room, furnace, intake, return and ducts and then just give me an estimate of work or provide me with a sure-thing design?  How do I find these people?  Anybody in the Chicago area?