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Title: building a barrier
Post by: Karlan Judd on June 15, 2002, 09:25:24 PM
I am a composer/musician and live in a townhouse where my roommate sleeps during the day downstairs while I work upstairs.  What separates us is a stairway, walled on both sides and an open archway.  I have bought heavy curtains to enclose the archway, but they only muffle the sound a little bit.  
I am trying to find a way to deaden the noise to a greater degree.  I am not real loud, but want to be able to play things a bit louder, and sing.  
I am thinking of building a removable barrier that I would be able to put in the archway and take out.  My thought is of using something like wonderboard with super soundproofing mats attached, and hinged at the middle.  If I make it big enough to cover the entire archway, my hope is that it will block alot of the sound.  
Am I on the right track?  Any suggestions?  I am a renter and just spent alot of money on music equipment, so my options are kind of limited.
Any comments appreciated.
kj (Karlan)