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Title: In re to my last message I wanted to buy one your products
Post by: Bill L on July 02, 2002, 04:51:44 PM
Please re read my last mess. Everyhting Ive done is between 8" joists. I am using 6" of that 8" space- How would channel or clips work. I thought you would rec. your mass loaded vinyl or something similar to fit above the very last drywall installed(the finished ceiling) with the improvementof ssp,stc? that you think I would get. As stated in my previous message would 2" of rock wool improve over dead space? rock wool over or under your product? Both?  Also I will carpet above except kitchen should I add your pad How much improvent of ssp,stc? thanks Im trying to buy if it makes sense Did I do wrong with what Ive done so far?   Bill L