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Title: neighbor's windchimes
Post by: Angela on July 11, 2002, 04:47:56 AM
I live in an area that has strong winds virtually every day.  My next door neighbors refuse to remove their windchimes, and I can hear them in our bedrooms (and throughout the entire house when the winds are strong enough).  How can I supress this noise?  (A loud fan helps, but my husband cannot sleep with a fan going.)

Title: Re: neighbor's windchimes
Post by: boborther on July 11, 2002, 10:27:43 PM
The best thing you can do is narrow down exactly where the noise is coming into your bedroom. If it is a window, there are ways to treat that, but if it is the walls or ceiling, there are entirely different methods that must be employed to rid the room of the noise. Your ears are one of the best tools for sound isolation. Once you have pinpointed the area where the noise is penetrating, then we can better deal with this issue. It is sad that your neighbor is not more considerate.
Bob O.