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Title: home theater class action suit?
Post by: Kyle C. on January 16, 2003, 07:15:04 AM
We are having a problem with the bass from a noisy neighbor's home theater and less frequently stereo. Peaceful persuasion has failed. Distance between houses is approximately 30 feet, neighbor's house is brick wall but with 3(!) windows facing us, our house 2 story ,1st story brick with only one window facing . what will reduce bass penetration better   1) high stc window on our house -(i.e., Milgard QuietLine w/stated 41-46 stc)  or  2) 8' brick wall on property line  (max allowed by city code)?
Are there any less expensive alternatives to a brick fence -  for example, residential noise abatement fence that would be good on the lower frequencies?
Kyle C.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated