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Title: Soundproofing my computer
Post by: Dan on March 19, 2003, 09:12:51 PM
Yes, I'm one of those crazy kids who doesn't have the word overkill in their vocabulary.  ;)
I've done a few rounds of modifications which have been successful in lessening the noise generated by my machine, but this time I'm going in for the kill.  I'm not aiming for relative quiet, I want it completely silent.  ;)
I'm planning on isolating all the noise generating componets in an external enclosure since this seems like the easiest way to contain the noise(if anyone has a better idea though, I'd be glad to hear it).  Those components would be my hard drives, power supply, radiator and pump(my machine is watercooled  ;) ).  The loudest of the bunch are the hard drives(two of them) which are rated at 35-39 decibels.  I'm planning on building the enclosure out of wood(which I know is a bad insulator) since I'm on a budget and don't have access to many metal working tools.  My question is on the best way to insulate the enclosure to ensure that the noise is stopped dead in it's tracks.  There will need to be a few holes drilled in the enclosure to allow for ducting of airflow and for cables/tubing.

Title: Re: Soundproofing my computer
Post by: joe on March 20, 2003, 10:00:42 PM
Dan, I need to know what type of processor you are running. This will drastically impact overall design as Athlons run very hot. P4's from northwood and up also run very hot, particularly overclocked machines. Sound proofing computers is not hard, but the real key is safe ventilation.

Title: Re: Soundproofing my computer
Post by: Dan on March 21, 2003, 12:14:23 AM
It's an AthlonXP 1800(Palomino core, at stock speed).  The cooling loop consists of a black ice extreme radiator, SwiftTech MCW462-UH, and MCW50 waterblocks(both of which use 1/2" ID tubing), a Koolance Hard Drive waterblock(which uses 3/8" OD tubing), and an Eheim 1250 pump.  Of course, I'd want the system to be completely stable, but I'm not really interested in overclocking.