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Title: Vibration pads - will they help a squeaky bed?
Post by: Stephanie on May 16, 2003, 04:22:30 AM
Have an interesting problem, that I'm sure some folks on this list have experienced. My tenants below are complaining that they can hear my bed squeaking whenever my boyfriend and I try to get frisky (this is not a joke - imagine dealing with the annoyance of your tenants complaining whenever you want to get intimate).

My bed is on top of carpet, which is on top of a squeaky hardwood floor. I'm planning on putting in soundproofing eventually (either underneath the carpet, or floating the ceiling below). I'm wondering if a quick fix would be to put vibration pads under the bed posts - would this help absorb the bed vibrations, thus reducing the floor squeaking? Please advise.
Title: Re: Vibration pads - will they help a squeaky bed?
Post by: Boborther on May 21, 2003, 07:19:46 PM

The squeaky floor tells me that parts of the wood sub floor are coming loose. The chances are good that the sub floor is wood  and is nailed in place. When a building gets old, the nails have a tendency to work themselves loose and then you get the squeaks in the floor itself. The Vibration pads will not prevent a loose sub floor from squeaking. The floor needs to be re nailed down and secured.
I have had more than a few people in your same situation Stephanie, but sometimes the solutions are direct and to the point. You have a loose sub floor and it needs to be re nailed. After that is done, then you have the option of soundproofing the floor from the unwanted bed squeaking noises.
Steph, thanks for the interesting post, a lot of people in your situation will read this and it will answer their questions as well.

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