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Title: Help: Chirping Birds - Possible to Soundproof?
Post by: Amy A. on May 21, 2003, 04:20:31 PM
Hello.  I just moved into a new apartment and there are shrill, chirping birds in the surrounding trees making noise at ALL hours of the day.   :(  I have one window and a sliding glass door that goes out to a deck, and one wall that faces the outside.  I can't sleep or concentrate with the annoying birds.  This sounds funny but - I am so desperate here -- anyone give me some tips on options for sound proofing? noise reduction?  Is it possible?  Affordable?  

Thank you for information and suggestions.  
Title: Re: Help: Chirping Birds - Possible to Soundproof?
Post by: Boborther on May 22, 2003, 04:55:21 PM

I am gathering that we are discussing a bedroom window and sliding glass door. Perhaps an acoustical curtain placed over the windows and the sliding glass door would help. As for the window, you could make a window plug using the 2" closed cell foam mat. This you would cut to fit into your window frame, adding at least  1/2" to 1" extra around the perimeter of the foam plug, so it fits tightly into your window frame. You'll  want this plug to fit like a cork (tightly). These windows plugs have proven to be quite effective at blocking out noise like birds chirping and many of natures unwanted sounds.
Amy, either the curtains, or the window plug, or both would work to quell a large amount of the bird noises. Thanks for the interesting post.


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