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Title: double drywalling question
Post by: Max Oepen on June 27, 2003, 06:03:03 AM
I'm getting ready to add a drywall to a room (with MLV in between).

With all the drywall screws I have to put in I'm concerned to hit some of the existing screwheads from the existing drywall.

I have a stud-sensor, but I don't have a device that senses screws, nails, etc.

What should I do??

Title: Re: double drywalling question
Post by: Boborther on June 27, 2003, 05:07:54 PM

If you are not floating the wall or ceiling in question, in otherwords you do not have to screw the screws into resilient channel or the furring channels in the sound clips, then you should be able to simply bring your screw line down an inch or so lower than the screws in the previous drywall. Now if you are floating the wall it is important that all or most of the screws go into the 1" flange on the resilient channel, or into the hat channel if sound clips are used.
Max, I really don't think one screw hitting the head of another is a major concern.
Thanks for the post.

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