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Title: Traffic noise
Post by: Rebecca Forth on July 14, 2003, 12:04:51 PM


I've just moved into a rented flat (victorian) the widows are all single glazed and gappy.

I've seen the curtain, insulating, double grazing options. Are there any cheap options (other than earplugs) that I could use without altering the windows or walls.


Rebecca From London
Title: Re: Traffic noise
Post by: Boborther on July 17, 2003, 09:18:59 PM

I would still recommend the acoustical curtains for your window situation. They are not a permanent fixture and could be taken with you if and when you finally decide to leave the Victorian manor.
Another thing to consider is caulking the windows with an acoustical caulk (we do carry this caulk) and caulk in all the gappy glazed areas. You may want to remove any bad glazing around the panes and then caulk those areas as well.
Lastly Rebecca, if you are looking for soundproofing solutions in the UK, please go to the URL listed below. Thanks Rebecca.

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