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Other Soundproofing Questions / Re: soundproofing existing hardwood floor
« Last post by Gary Bosborn on December 11, 2019, 06:19:48 AM »
Hello, I hope I can make this topic live again. I have a problem, that under my apartment neighbours gets a big step noise. We tried to use carpets, but it didn't work. Now we thinking to change the flooring, because it's very old and rusty. So I have a question. Do you know something about double-layer oak flooring? Is this hardwood flooring just look nice, or it has an effect to soundproof our apartment.
Hello, I'm so glad to have found this forum! I'm making a plug to go into a doorframe where there's a sliding, hollow-core door with gaps all around on the sides and so there might as well be no wall, as far as sound is concerned.

I had a piece of 5/8" plywood cut just a little smaller than the opening, but it turns out the opening is less uniform than I thought. Plan was to make a rubber gasket with adhesive weather sealing and slide the plug into place. But it's too tight in a couple of spots and just won't go in. I can see two options. 1, trim the plywood so it'll fit, but I'm concerned the gap will then be too large in places and hard to fill with the gasket. 2, keep it as is, use the rubber where it fits, and then get some calk for the narrow places where the rubber gasket won't fit. But that could turn out kind of half-assed, I'm afraid.

It seemed like a good plan, but I'm having doubts and would love any advice. Oh: I've also ordered some high-density, closed cell foam weather stripping to fill the gaps around the existing hollow-core door, so hopelly that also will be of some benefit and I'll end up with two sealed layers, with a couple of inches of air space between. Thanks!
I have a new neighbor who just moved here who likes to BLAST his TV for hours on end even though he was asked nicely not to (police could not help either). The noise pollution from this one incredibly RUDE neighbor from hell is making me SICK and no he does not have a hearing problem. My kitchen was just gutted and is being renovated so I need to soundproof wall before kitchen cabinets are installed..

My plan is to install one sheet of 5/8" sheetrock on top of the existing drywall. I will make sure to install this 5/8" sheetrock onto vertical wood beams in order to create an open SPACE between them. Is one 5/8" sheetrock enough or do I have to use two 5/8" sheetrock layered on top of each other??? I'm also confused what to "stuff" inside the wall near kitchen (shown in photo) to soundproof it?? There is NO drywall inside that section of wall... tons of noise is coming through that empty area.

I keep reading conflicting results regarding green glue compound. I'm on a VERY tight budget. I'm confused what I need to spread into the seams once the drywall has been installed?? I have about 40ft by 14ft of wall that needs to be soundproofed.

Thanks for any help!!
I'm on the 3rd floor and my neighbor directly down on the 1st floor often plays loud music in the middle of the night which makes it hard to sleep. It's only the bass from the subwoofer that is bothersome.

I'm thinking of adding some Mass Loaded Vinyl directly underneath my bed to block the bass sound. Will this work if I only cover the space underneath my bed and not the whole floor?

I find the sound most bothersome when I'm lying on my side with my ear directly pressed into the pillow (which is how I usually sleep). The sound seems to be transmitted directly through the floor -> bed -> my ears. I'm hoping some MLV would block this sound transmission
I'm curious what the resolution was to this situation? I have a very similar issue with a loud party wall in a town home.

I am looking to install acrylic inserts using the magnetic seal system and am looking for an opinion on how to best frame the opening. The entire opening is approximately 8' x 8' and is made up of a sliding glass door and a few fixed windows. I have enough room to install an interior frame about 3" from the glass. Obviously an 8' x 8' piece of acrylic is not an option so I need to figure out what to use for a divider (likely 2) and how to secure it.

Additionally, if I figure out what to use for two dividers, what kind of clamps (or other supporting devices) are needed to ensure the acrylic stays in place?

Soundproofing Windows and Doors / Laminated film vs laminated glass
« Last post by Cobra281 on November 11, 2019, 02:26:10 AM »
Awesome site here and I've learned a lot!  I have two double pane vinyl windows in my bedroom that let in traffic noise.  I'm planning on installing a second window and will have about 1.5" air gap or about 2.5" if I build out the interior casings/trims.  My neighbor does commercial window film installation and he could install a laminated film over existing windows.

1. is it worth having him install the film at all or should I try to purchase true laminated glass with laminate between panes of glass?

2. if I have him install the laminate, where should it be placed?  Interior or exterior side of old windows, exterior side of "new" windows (still on interior of home) or interior side of "new" windows?

Soundproofing Jobs Gone Bad! And Why. / Re: Has this Job Gone Wrong, or am I overstressing here?
« Last post by Randy S on October 03, 2019, 03:04:12 PM »
Do an 1" of plaster , at least that is 8lbs sqft... you need to make the wall heavier.

Randy S.
Hello Randy

I think they're just skim coating yeah. The people I got plastering up don't really know anything about soundproofing. They're just coming to patch up.

Also, I'm already over my budget right now so I don't feel like there's a whole lot that I can do right now anyway.

I'll get around to calling later in the week sometime, but is there nothing useful that you might be able to tell me here for now?

If it is a case of a very poor or unfinished job, is it one that can still be made better by myself for little cost for example?

Many thanks
Soundproofing Jobs Gone Bad! And Why. / Re: Has this Job Gone Wrong, or am I overstressing here?
« Last post by Randy S on October 01, 2019, 05:56:19 PM »
Are they just skim coating??

call me direct

Randy S.

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