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Alright Randy, I appreciate that.  What is your time zone, and what are the best times to reach you? 
Helping people solve these problems successfully is not at all a waste of time and it could save you from making expensive mistakes.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Randy S.
I don't want to waste your time since this is a DIY thing ant not profitable to you. 

For this type of project it would be best to contact me direct to discuss the particulars in depth due to possible effects and potential results for dealing with lath and plaster.

Best Regards,

Randy S.
I hope you don't mind me bumping an old thread.  I have a similar situation except I haven't done anything yet since I want to do my research and keep the cost down.  I own a duplex and live down stairs, my house is old and the ceilings are lath and plaster. This is why removing them is just not an option.  New carpet upstairs so work from above isn't an option.  I have 10' ceilings so originally was thinking of building a secondary ceiling, nailing a ledger board to existing wall about an inch down and running new "joists." I wasn't sure how I would be able to get the wood into some of the rooms though.  Then I was thinking about taking some metal/wood studs or resilient channel right through the plaster to the existing joists, as this would be the least amount of work.  I like the new gap idea because then I can also add overhead power which several rooms desperately need,  add insulation with double 5/8th drywall, possibly with green glue.  It sounded good until I started reading that having a third leaf like that isn't the best option, one old post on here even said it would INCREASE sound and impact noise? Any thoughts?
Other Soundproofing Questions / Re: Mass loaded vinyl around IC-rated can light
« Last post by Randy S on March 22, 2019, 03:09:56 PM »
The mass loaded vinyl is UL94 not class A fire rated (E84) normally I use double layers of drywall.
If your electrician insures you wont have a problem then as long as it is sealed properly it will work.

for your second question , mass is mass and the more of it the better the results.

Randy S.
Other Soundproofing Questions / Mass loaded vinyl around IC-rated can light
« Last post by shayyadin on March 21, 2019, 07:29:30 PM »
As part of some renovations in my basement, I am trying to attenuate noise coming from the level above. Thanks to this forum, we now are planning to use resilient channels (to reduce footfall noise) and rockwool insulation (to reduce voices).

Due to an extremely low ceiling, we cannot avoid using recessed lights. This forum recommended surrounding the lights in a sheetrock box, which is cost prohibitive. Far easier to build, though, would be flexible 'boxes' made out of 2 lb/sq ft MLV. I am imagining taping five pieces of MLV together with gaffer's tape, leaving one of the five sides as a "flap", sliding the whole thing around the light, then taping down the last side. I would seal the assembly around the bottom of the can with more gaffer's tape.

My electrician has assured me that this would not violate code, so the real question is efficacy. Is there any reason to believe it would not be effective? It adds 5-10 lbs of mass to each light, and the tape seals off any air gaps around the assembly.

Also, given that we are making all these holes in the drywall, would we expect to get any benefit from using QuietRock or other elastomer-enhanced drywall?
That surprises me since any multi residential build after 2006 is required to have them by international building code.
I would look for a drywall company that does multi residential projects.

Randy S.
I was afraid of that. The problem is that I can't find any contractors who know how to do resilient channel in my area (Maplewood, NJ). Any advice?
that system will do very little for footfall....that is an airborne sound approach..
if you want to reduce impact/footfall noise you must decouple with resilient channel or clips and channel. 
or carpet and padding on the floor above..

Randy S.
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