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Title: soundproofing my first apartment
Post by: chadwick626 on September 11, 2005, 01:59:38 PM
i know absoluttely nothing about soundproofing, just got the idea last night as ive been beating myself up trying to figure out what to do with these white empty walls.

my living room is going to be kind of a home theatre but not to be used obnoxiously loud. my neighbors apparently suck because a few nights ago we got the cops called on us when 2 people were over watching tv. ouch...

but what im looking for is more decorative than a complete soundproofing solution, something along the lines of acoustic panels but very inexpensive. and the abilty to be able to cut it to different sizes so i can arrange the pieces on the 7 walls of different sizes.

do any local places carry anything i could see in person? lowes.. home depot.. bestbuy?