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What STC can I expect?
« on: March 20, 2004, 09:06:06 PM »
I'm thinking of buying the heavy floor foam to put beneath the area rug in my bedroom.  

The problem?  The rug doesn't cover the entire width of the room.  The rug does cover 100% front-to-back.  But not side-to-side.

There's a space of about 1 foot on the left, and 1 foot on the right, of bare hardwood floor.  It's hard to find a rug that is the exact dimensions of my room.

If I cover just the area beneath the rug with the heavy mass-loaded floormat, what kind of STC can I expect?

My current STC is like this:  you can hear the voices from downstairs.  If the voice is at normal volume, you can't make out what they say.  But if it's louder, like an excited happy conversation, then you CAN make out what they say.

And how much better an STC does the foam backing in the floormat add?  I'm thinking of using just the regular mass-loaded flooring beneath my rug, because it's more affordable for me.  Will I lose out a lot if I use the flooring, not the floormat, beneath my rug?

So, those are my two questions.  Thanks for any help!