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Brenda Dykgraaf

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Curtain Quality and appearance
« on: November 01, 2004, 01:47:22 PM »

I am very interested in purchasing the gold and beige drapes with 1/2" narrow stripes for my bedroom.
As you can guess, it's hard to see the quality on-line.
Are these drapes pretty enough to be seen or do you think they would have to be placed behind a more pretty decorative curtain.
Is the fabric shiney, semi shiny, moret? what?
I would really appreciate any more detail you can give me on these drapes.
Lastly, I assume they are with a heavy black-out material correct? Is this black out material when seen from the back (ie. through sliding glass doors) white in color or black?
I await your reply.
Thanks so much,  
PS. Would these be medium or a heavy order (for UPS) if I ordered 5 or six curtain?
PSS. Am I correct in saying that the length is 94 and the width is 61 or 63? It isn't specific on these details.