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Thelma J. McCain-Morales

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Water Pressure Booster Pump
« on: February 23, 2005, 12:23:05 PM »
About a 6 months after we bought our condo,  the developer after receiving complaints from several other
new owners about poor water pressure installed a
Pressure Booster Pump.  The problem is it's on the
other side of the wall of one of my bedrooms.  This space was to be my tranquility room, of course that's a joke now.  It goes off as odd intervals lasting for about
30 seconds each time.  It's so loud it rattles the walls.
Our place is a duplex condo with bedrooms downstairs
in what would normally considered the basement. The sound is so loud it can be heard upstairs in the living and dining areas.  The association had to force the developer to install the pump so I can't expect any help
from that quarter.  The other owners don't share my
my concern because their units are above mine and away from the noise .  Help!!!!