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Soundproofing Parallel Bedrooms
« on: July 11, 2005, 03:36:35 PM »

    I have a question about soundproofing that I'm sure differs from the questions asked from the "average" soundproof consider. I live in a house where sound travels very easily. Simple things like talking on the phone, having the TV on over the volume of 10, even a little bit of music tuned low has become a nuisance. One of the main problems is that the two bedrooms are parallel are shaped like an 8 (eight). Lets say the lines of the 8 are the walls, and the holes through the 8 are the bedrooms (each single hole representing one of the rooms). Now that I usually like to be louder than the person occupying the other room who likes complete silence at times, if I were to just soundproof the wall in between the two bedrooms would this be a solution?

Basically, what I need to know is if this would be a suitable solution?

And if it did do anything for the rooms, about how much sound would be stopped between the rooms if any?

Lastly, if this were to workout about how thick would I be needing your soundproof mat to be?

I'd really appreciate anyone's help.