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New Noisy Neighbors - soundproofing worth it?
« on: May 29, 2006, 08:50:29 PM »

Glad I found this forum and have gotten some good ideas for a recent problem we've encountered.  

We're in a single family home and recently the place next door has been sold to four (4!) college-age sophomores  ("Daddy" bought the house but doesn't live there.  Nice enough guys, but their schedule and noise threshold isn't the same as ours as you might imagine.).

Our bedroom (and my 7 year old son's) are about 6-8 feet from their backyard and about 15 feet away from the kitchen - from which both emit a lot of noise when they have friends over, are talking (or yelling), etc.      

Our back bedroom is an add-on (stucco and cement-drywall addition, but not very thick).  Add to that the fact that we have aluminum sliding windows and... well you get the idea.  Even the slightest noise is now ear-piercing.

We have made some enquiries to but I'm not getting a lot of finalized start-to-finish answers.  Morelike, "here's the materials, you put it in."   Also, this might be a viable "partial" solution, but from what I read it only will eliminates some of the noise (perhaps 20-30% reduction).    Still haven't ruled this out, but will it be enough?

Our additional idea is to put some sort of homosote, drywall, "foam," or other soundproofing around the walls of the bedroom(s), seal them,  and then repaint them.   Anyone have positive results from this?  Is there one brand or type that works better than the others?  I know we'd lose a few inches of room space, but it might be worth it.  

Given the nature of our problem (4 college age guys, their friends, and no parents), is it even worth it to try and go through the troulble of soundproofing our rooms and windows, or is this just wishful thinking?  We really don't want to move but are trying to weigh the potential results.  The idea of sleeping in my den (on the other side of the house) with earplugs for the foreseeable future isn't very appealing.

(We're in So. Cal. - Los Angeles so if anyone can recommend a good soundproofing contractor, we'd appreciate it.  I've seen a couple of names in the forum here, but others would be appreciated, as long as ANY AND ALL SUGGESTIONS).



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Re: New Noisy Neighbors - soundproofing worth it?
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2006, 03:51:51 PM »
Your sound problem is a real challenge. Can you wait it out until new next door tennants move in someday and perhaps they will be quiet neighbors. To effectively reduce sound at this time you would have to use sound barrier and sound absorbing materials. All four walls and the ceiling would have to be dealt with and sound proofed. The windows are a prime source for the sound to come into your home. The materials that you mentioned from the likes of Home Depot are not very effective. Mass Loaded Vinyl and Sound Absorbing FR Cotton Fibre material can help in your situation.