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« on: August 19, 2006, 01:14:59 AM »

I live in a brand new apratment.  I moved in first a year and half ago and has never received complaints.  Recently, (I think there's a new neighbour downstairs) they have been complaining about noises.

First they say its TV ( Idon't have one)
Then they say its musix (its so low its not heard in the hall ways, now commpletely off)
talking (i dunno what to say.....)
and stomping/dancing (i'm guessing walking but we have slippers on)
and get this... LAUNDRY

I am a student and work at night as well, which means i'm up at odd hours.   I understand noise can be frustrating and I had some issue with next door's drums too.  But since he moved it away from the wall, we've been living peacefully, (still noise but its an apartment)

But now, I don't know what to do, managemetn just says "stop stomping" but i'm not even sure what it is their referring to.

The apartment is hardwood floor with like a sheet of platicy materical and concrete right under.

I don't know waht to do because we rent htis place and so construction/tearing floor is out of the question.  I can't really change my lifestyle either becoz that is how I work, (like others with their 9-5)  I'm beginning to think its downstairs being annal because they actually came up one time to say "are you done with laundry"  

Anyways, any options or suggestions would be appreciated.  I mean this is annoying because i'm frustrated and i'm sure its hard on them coz they wake up or osmething.



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Re: Frustrations
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Impact sound from the hard wood flooring can be quite annoying to the neighbors trying to sleep below you at night. One solution is that of using carpet, carpet pad and an underlayment of Mass Loaded Vinyl with 1/4" closed cell foam laminated to the MLV. This has helped in many cases of Impact sound and hard wood flooring.